Thursday, August 20, 2020

Used Boardgames

From now on, if you bring in boardgames to trade in to you, upon request, you are going to have to show us they are complete. That may mean you have to sit down in the game room and sort them out. Unfortunately, we are getting more boardgames traded in that have been played and the contents put unsorted back in the box, which means we have to take an extra 15 minutes to an hour to sort them. Case in point was a boardgame that we took in for trade recently. After we sorted it we found out it was missing two small tokens. Not having them doesn't really hurt game play but we cannot mark the game as complete and you would not want to buy it as complete if it was missing two tokens. So, if you want to trade in boardgames, we ask that you go through and make sure they are complete before bringing them in.

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