Thursday, July 3, 2014

New DiceMasters Product

I would be a lot more excited about this if they had a steady stream of product available now:

   As enthusiasm surrounding Marvel Dice Masters continues, we’re happy to announce a new product, the Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men Set Up Box! Since this is different from many of our other offerings, we wanted to take the opportunity to explain this product for you and your customers.
   Each Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men Set-Up Box comes with everything one player needs to play from the Starter Set. Each set includes:
  • 20 custom dice (12 all-new pearlescent Basic Action Dice and 8 all-new pearlescent Sidekick Dice)
  • 1 felt dice bag
  • 10 Basic Action Cards, and 4 Indicator Cards.
  • 1 Storm – African Priestess Full Art Promo Card
  • 4 Marvel Dice Masters Avengers vs. X-Men foil packs
  • 2 dice storage trays that hold over 300 dice!

   The Marvel Dice Masters Avengers vs X-Men Set Up Box is a great entry point for new players because of its contents. However, with its Quarriors-Style storage trays it becomes a must have item for veteran players looking for a place to keep their Dice Masters collection with the ability to keep dice organized much better than in a box or bag.

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