Friday, April 28, 2023

Getting Your Name Out


WOTC has been doing a pretty good job of weekly disseminating both basic and novel ideas used by other stores to keep their customers coming back and making customers feel special. However,  even though it is far easier to generate additional sales from existing customers, at some point you need to get your name out in front of new potential customers and get them into the store. Without a flow of new customers, a store will eventually tap out its existing customer base and see flatlined sales. I wanted to suggest three ways to get your name in front of new customers. As a savvy store owner (or publisher) you are likely already but just in case you’re not:

1.       Social Media—the great thing about social media is that it is free, to start. Set up an account on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, maybe even Vine, Snapchap and Instagram.  Unfortunately, due to the ways in which the various social media sources have tweaked their software, you now really do have to spend money in order to get your name and posts out in front of potential customers. The great thing about social media it that you start out for as little as 5 bucks to boost a Facebook post and have a lot more control over who will see it than you would with advertising in traditional formats. Facebook, and other forms of social media, allow you to have friends and friends of friends see your boosted posts or you can keep them from seeing them and spend your money to reach a targeted market that’s not already familiar with your company. I know stores spending 4 figures just on monthly boosting of social media.

2.       Join Civic Organizations—Become a member of organizations like your local Chamber of Commerce or Rotary Club or Kiwanis or Jaycees or Main Street. Not only do they work to better the community, and he better your community is doing , the better your business will do, but becoming a member allows you to take advantage of the services the organization offers. For example, as a member of our local Chamber of Commerce, I can send out promotions and notices to all other Chamber members , many of whom would have no idea what the store sells. Also,  if you have some sort of negative event take place, a position as a recognized member of the local community  helps mitigate the effects of bad publicity.

3.       Press Releases—The local media is always looking for local news and your store (or company) is newsworthy, whether you are hosting an event, are hiring new staff or even have a list of the top 5 games in your community for the year. This last one is one we sent out and we got a spot on local TV as well as mentions in two local papers, all for about half an hour’s work and another 5 minutes or so emailing them to the local media. Remember, you may not follow local news much but there are a lot of people that do, people who may not know you exist but have money to spend on what you are selling. Don’t know how to write a press release? Search for “sample press release” on the interwebs or hire a local journalism student to write one for you.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Yu Gi Oh Premiere

 Premiere Event for Yu Gi Oh Cyberstorm Access this weekend. While they last, $25 gets you 5 booster packs of the new set, a Field Center Card and entry into a drawing for playmats and promotional cards.

Monday, April 24, 2023

March of the Machines Epilogue

 We are taking pre-orders for the first ever epilogue set for March of the Machines.  Pre-release prices for Draft booster boxes are $109.99 and Collector Boosters are $274.99. Bundles are $39.99 . there are no commander Decks or set Boosters.

Thursday, April 20, 2023


 Salukicon takes place this weekend with gaming starting Friday afternoon, if you pre-registered for the convention. Otherwise events start at 10 a.m. on Saturday until 5 p.m. and the same hours on Sunday. No scheduled boardgaming though, save for the Catan National Championship Qualifier at 10:30 a.m. and the Competitive D&D torunament starting at 3 p.m. Saturday afternoon

Monday, April 17, 2023

RIP Klaus Teuber

 On a sad note, Klaus Teuber, the creator of Setters of Catan, later Catan, passed away this past week after a short illness (See “RIP Klaus Teuber”). Settlers of Catan was the first of the Eurogames, which relied more on strategic play and less on chance, to sell successfully in the US.  NPR ran an obituary for Teuber this week, replaying part of his 2020 interview with Rob Schmitz. Catan had its roots in the pretend battles Teuber waged as a child with toy solders over fields, woods, and mountains. However, Catan grew out of his boredom with his job as a dental technician. Spending his free time in his basement developing games, his first games won three Spiel des Jahres awards but sales tapered off quickly. Inspired by stories of the Vikings and what they would need as they explored and colonized, he developed the Settlers of Catan, originally a much more sprawling game than the single island in the core set (the other pieces were eventually added as expansions such as Seafarers of Catan and Cities and Knights). Core tenets of the game were that no-one could ever be eliminated from play and players could take actions on every one’s turn, ensuring no one spend time just sitting there. The game worked, and has sold over 30 million copies since its introduction in 1995. 

I remember stocking the game back in 1995, wondering if boardgames would fit into our product mix of RPGs and miniatures since our customers at the time showed no interest in boardgames. It did and we have sold Catan for over 25 years. Thank you, Mr. Teuber for all the fun and sales over the years and yes, I

Thursday, April 13, 2023


 Just a reminder that the store does not buy or trade for anything after 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and after 5 p.m on Sunday. Also, we will not look at anything between 10 and 3 p.m on Tuesday as that is the time we are processing comics.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Pokemon Paldea Evolved

 Well, we just got Scarlet and Violet this past week and have been informed by our distributiors that we will not see any restocks until June or after Paldea Evolved releases. If you would like to pre-order booster boxes of Paldea Evolved, we are taking prepayment on them for $149.99. We do still have Trainer Kits, boosters and booster boxes of Scarlet and Violet in stock.