Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tentacle Bento

Got a look at a new game from Soda Pop Miniatures titled Tentacle Bento.  It's an anime themed trick taking card game with more than a touch of hentai to it.  Each player is a monster tasked with capturing Japanese school girls, the more girls the better.  After the 4th event card in the deck turns up, the game ends and the player with the most girls wins.  The art and flavor text are all PG but the flavor text is suggestive enough that I'm rather uncertain about stocking it when it releases.  The game plays well and all the people who tried it out at the GAMA Trade Show liked it a lot, so it certainly has that in favor of it.

Scheduled for release later this summer, probably at Origins or GENCON.  Expected price point is $19.99.  If we bring it it, it would likely go behind the counter along with the Club card game. 

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