Monday, August 17, 2020

A Few Questions for the Co-Creator of "Getting It Together"

 We sent a few questions to Omar Sphai, co-creator of Image Comics' "Getting It Together". Here are his responses:

1. Fans of what series do you think will like Getting It Together

To me, it's a no brainer, I grew up on Friends, Cheers, How I met Your Mother, and you name it, I watched way too much TV. If you're talking about comics, we took inspiration from all over the industry, we wanted to take a page out of Chip Zdarasky's humor and Mark Waid's ability to find the emotional core of the characters. We've drawn on so much and of so many that we admire to bring this book to life.

We wanted to take those concepts and series and make them fresh and relevant to our generation. Could you imagine owning the first issue of the FRIENDS TV show comic (if it existed) and how much that would be worth if it came out before the show?

2. What other work either in the comic industry or other media have you and your co-creator done

Well, Sina's done it all, he's written for Marvel's Iceman as the first openly gay lead for a Marvel Solo series, he's also written BOOM!'s Go Go Power Rangers and Ghosted in LA as well as written for DC Comics' Shazam and Green Lantern. As for myself, Omar Spahi, I've got another Image book out in the Stairway Anthology out on the same day and I've written for Cartoon Network's Ben 10.

3.Is this a mini or ongoing series? Monthly, bi-monthly or other schedules

It's a 4 issue mini-series coming out monthly, each issue will leave you wanting more and we couldn't be prouder of how the book turned out.

4. How many issues are completed? Can readers expect the book to hold to the schedule?

Yeah, we've got 3 issues completed and the 4th should be done before Issue # 1 is released. So it will def come out on time. You'll be able to stick with this to the end with no worries that there won't be an end!

5. Is Getting It Together part of Images No Risk #1 program

Yes, we wanted to make sure Retailers could go crazy ordering the book with no risk, so we're honored to be a part of Image's No Risk # 1 program. So make sure to check it out and support Castle Perilous Games & Books!

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