Sunday, August 23, 2020

Blood Bowl and Necromunda Shipping This Week

 This week sees new releases for Blood Bowl and Necromunda. Unless we get special orders for them, we will not be bringing in the dice sets or card packs.

Blood Bowl: Crud Creek Nosepickers Team (202-03)
  • Contains 20 brand-new plastic Citadel miniatures, for use by Snotling Teams in games of Blood Bowl
  • Includes 2x Snotling Pump Wagons (including crew), 2x Snotling Fungus Flingas, 2x Snotling Fun-Hoppas, 2x Snotling Stilty Runners, 12x Snotling linemen
  • Also includes 4 Balls, 2 Team Tokens, 2 Turn and Reroll counters, all themed to Snotlings
  • Rules available in Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 10


Spike! Journal Issue 10 (200-88)
  • The essential quarterly Blood Bowl Magazine
  • Contains rules for using Snotling teams, including the Crud Creek Nosepickers
  • Includes new rules, inducements, background team rosters and tactics

Snotling Team Dice Set (200-83)
  • A set of Snotling-themed Blood Bowl dice
  • Translucent yellow/green gem dice, with purple symbols
  • Contains 7 Dice: 3x Blood Bowl 6-sided dice, 2x 6-sided dice, 1 Blood Bowl 8-sided dice, and 1x Blood Bowl 16-sided dice

Snotling Pitch & Dugouts (202-03)
  • Double-sided Blood Bowl pitch and set of two dugouts
  • Features artwork of a Snotling Fungal Bog Pitch with a fungal bloom on one side, and choking spores have taken over the field of play on the reverse
  • Includes unique rules for using each side of the pitch

Snotling Team Cards Pack (200-89)
  • A deck of 44 reference cards for use with a Snotling Blood Bowl Team
  • Includes 6 Special Play cards that can be used by any Blood Bowl Team

Aeronautica Imperialis: Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighters (500-34)
  • • Contains 4 Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighter aircraft, for use in Imperial Navy or Astra Militarum forces in Aeronautica Imperialis
  • Includes 32 weapon upgrades for use across the aircraft
  • Includes an all new Avenger Strike Fighter transfer sheet

Warhammer Crime: No Good Men (BL2858)
  • By Various
  • The first anthology of the new Warhammer Crime Series, containing 7 stories each by different authors
  • Related products: Warhammer 40,000, Necromunda
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Paperback, 336pp

Farsight: Empire of Lies (BL2859)
  • By Phil Kelly
  • Discover the real story behind the defining moment of Commander Farsight’s life
  • Related products: Commander Farsight, T’au Empire
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Paperback, 400pp

Oaths and Conquests (BL2860)
  • By Various
  • Anthology of stories from the Mortal Realms. Featuring a brand-new short story from William King
  • Related products: Nagash, Stormcast Eternals, Chaos
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Paperback, 432pp
Watchers of the Throne: The Regent’s Shadow (BL2861)
  • By Chris Wraight
  • Book 2 in the Watchers of the Throne series
  • Related products: Valerian and Aleya, Adeptus Custodes, Sister of Silence, Roboute Guilliman
  • Languages: English
  • Format: Paperback, 416pp

Necromunda: Slave Ogryn Gang (300-67)
  • A brand-new gang for Necromunda of Slave Ogryns, containing 6 plastic miniatures
  • Includes numerous weapon options and contains a large number of accessories with which to accessories the miniatures
  • Rules contained in the House of Chains expansion
  • Approx 50% added value

Necromunda: House of Blades (300-53)
  • A 128 page hardback expansion for Escher Gangs in Necromunda
  • An essential purchase for House Escher players
  • Includes rules for House Escher Death Maidens and Wyld Runners
  • Contains new rules, new gang profiles, background, scenarios, terrain rules and 3 new Special Characters for House Escher
  • NOTE: This expansion is a replacement, in every way, for the Escher content in Gangs of the Underhive.
House Escher Death Maidens & Wyld Runners (300-66)
  • Contains 2 Escher Death-Maidens (champions), 4 Wyld Runners (Prospects) and 4 Phelynx exotic beasts
  • Contains a number of different accessories, equipment and head options to enable every miniature to be different

Jotunn H-Grade Servitor Ogryns (300-64)
  • Can be hired by any gang in Necromunda
  • Rules are available in:
– Gangs of the Underhive
– The House of Chains and
– The House of Blades

House of Blades Dice Set (300-02)
  • A set of themed dice to match House Escher
  • Translucent gem yellow, with purple ink
  • 3x D6, 2x Ammo Dice, 2x Injury Dice, 1x Scatter Dice


House of Chains Dice Set (300-68)
  • A set of themed dice to match House Goliath
  • Translucent gem red, with gold ink
  • 3x D6, 2x Ammo Dice, 2x Injury Dice, 1x Scatter Dice

Escher Gang Tactics Cards (300-07)
  • A handy set of 26 cards for use by House Escher Gangs in games of Necromunda
  • Contains 18 tactics cards and 8 blank fighter cards with Escher Gang iconography

Slave Ogryn Gang Tactics Cards (300-54)
  • A handy set of 26 cards for use by Slave Ogryn Gangs in games of Necromunda
  • Contains 18 tactics cards and 8 blank fighter cards with Slave Ogryn Gang iconography

Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark (30-50)
  • Brand-new plastic kit of Rohan’s mightiest hero – a must have for every Rohan player
  • Contains 2 plastic multipart Citadel Miniatures of Éomer – 1 mounted and 1 on foot
  • Capable of building all wargear options available to Éomer

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