Thursday, June 25, 2009


We've picked up a couple of comic collections this month and are trying to figure out where to go with them. One possibility is to pull out one of the shelves back by the new comics and add another table with more comic long boxes on it. The other possibility is to dedicate a table in one of the front rooms to them and put a sign on he new comics rack directing people to the front room for back issues.

Most of the comics we've gotten have come from the past two decades with the last collection boasting a lot of DC titles from around 1999-2002. Interesting titles but nothing earth-shattering.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Free RPG Day

Free RPG Day is this Saturday. We've got the items we're giving away out on display and a limiting each customer to two different items. Preferred customers may take 4 different items. In addition you can take one additional book for each $20 you spend on RPG products (no dice or bags) on the 20th. Here's a list of items that are available (we also have a few items left from last year's Free RPG Day and will be making them available as well):

Wizards of the Coast - Eberron 4e - Khyber's Harvest w/Dungeon Tile
Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Role Playing Game - Bonus Bestiary
Goodman Games - Fantasy Adventures & Supplements (4e)/Amethyst RPG 4e - Hero's Handbook - Immortal Heroes/Amethyst - Hearts of Chaos
Q-Workshop - Elven Dice - Free RPG Day 2009 Dice Sample
Chessex - Dice - Miscellaneous - d6 Bronze Commemorative Die
White Wolf - Geist - The Sin-Eaters - Quickstart Rules w/The Return of Mr. Monster
Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades (Troll Lord Games) - Quickstart Rules w/The Wizard's Tower
Fantasy Flight Games - Warhammer 40,000 Role Playing - Rogue Trader - Forsaken Bounty
Exile Studios - Hollow Earth Expedition - Quickstart Rules w/Kidnapped in the Hollow Earth
Mongoose Publishing - Paranoia XP - Citizen's Guide to Surviving Alpha Complex
Mongoose Publishing - Dragon Warriors - Quickstart Rules w/Under the Rocks
Mongoose Publishing - Flaming Cobra - Corporation Quickstart Rules w/Grab the Cache
Lone Wolf Development - Hero Lab - Hero Lab Demo

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Store was at Diecon 9 this year. Attendance ther ewas about 550 which was the best attendance since #4. Attendance was way down at the L5R Kotei with only 69 people playing, down about 40%. Magic play was up, mainly due to the strong prize support provided by Heroic Adventures. Warmachine play was flat. Some regular attendees from the past didn't show this year but they were balanced by the number of first timers that played. A whole lot of boardgames were played as well.