Sunday, May 3, 2020

Zen Killer

If you caught the From the Castle Vault video about Steve Jackson Games Killer, you know some about the game but did you know there is a version perfect for social distancing and online play called Zen Killer, which is entirely non-violent and in your head, which may make it the scariest version of Killer of all.
 here is how it works:

Select one person in the group to be the judge. That person determines the time frame in which the killing must take place, the budget for the killing and who each player's target is. Each player had to then develop a plan given those constraints for killing their target. Note that a time frame of a year and a Million dollars will generate more elaborate plans than $100 and three days. The judge sets a time frame for turning in the completed plans, say a week. The plans must be as detailed as possible with contingency plans included.

The judge rates each plan on a scale of 1 to 10 on the following criteria:

cleverness--how cunning and subtle is the plan and how well does it take into consideration the characteristics of the target.

workability--how feasible is the plan

undetectability--how likely is the killer to get away with it. How likely will any evidence be left.

The player with the most points, of course wins, and can become the judge for the next game.

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