Friday, May 22, 2020

Ikoria Love Your Store Promotion

WOTC has informed us, and you probably, of the upcoming Love Your Store promotion. To get the Reliquary Tower card you buy Magic, how much we are not sure yet but it won't be a large amount. To get the Mechagodzilla Battle Fortress Card, you buy an in-stock booster box of any set. If you buy one now, we will make a note and give you the card when it arrives. You also get the appropriate BIBTB card for the box you purchase.

In addition, WOTC has said we can count new purchases of 6 Ikoria Pre-release kits toward qualifying for a BIBTB card and the Mechagodzilla card. So buy 6 pre-release kits and get the cards. In addition, if you want to spread out the purchase of the pre-release kits, just ask us and we will keep track of your purchases and award you your cards when you hit the 6 box total. Sorry but purchases made before May 23 do not count towards your totals. 

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