Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Too Little, Too Late?

Paizo announced this week, to their venture captains first and then through a press release (it appears emailing retailers was an afterthought as we still have not received anything official from them, although some other stores have), that players in PFS games at stores would receive an in-game benefit for the table for making purchases at the store on the date of the game.

Paizo first discussed this last spring with some retailers but apparently it took half a year to implement and may be too late as many stores have reported clearancing out their Pathfinder stock. I know we don't bring in anything new except for hardback books as Paizo's 20% subscription offer has proved too enticing to most local players. Either that or no local players have any interest in Pathfinder print materials as we have sold less than 100 Pathfinder items since the beginning of the year, with the top 3 items the Bigger Flipmat, the GM Screen and the Player Folio. Everything else is 1's and 2's with almost all of the modules only selling 1, not making them worth restocking as they don't sell if we do.

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