Thursday, September 8, 2016

Your Pokemon Cards Are STILL Not Worth That Much

Here is a 1st edition Machanp card from the year that Pokemon released in 1999. Someone is asking $20,000 for it. If you remember  my post of a couple of weeks ago, this is the asking price. Anyone can take a product and put whatever asking price they want on it. The price need not reflect reality or value of the product at all.  In the case of this Machamp, the card was a staple of almost every pre-constructed Pokemon deck released by Wizards of the Coast during the first year and was so common that for a number of years. we refused to trade for them.

Today we sell them for $5 to $6 as they are comparatively old, but not particularly powerful. However, if someone wants to give us $20,000 for one, I will certainly be happy to take it.

Incidentally, if you look at the post, you will see a number of watchers on the card. Those people are not interested in purchasing it, they just want to see if someone else does so they can list their own Machamps.

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