Monday, September 19, 2016

Spider Man Clone Conspiracy

If you are a Spider Man fan, read this:

I've only sent a message like this to you twice, with the first one being when I told you ASM #698 would kick off something BIG (remember the death of Peter Parker and the launch of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN?). So I think my track record with you on this is pretty good, right?
You haven't ordered enough CLONE CONSPIRACY #1.
And that's OUR fault.
In every interview and promotion for this book we've said it WILL be the core Spider-Man title while it's coming out. But since that hasn't really stuck, it means WE weren't hitting that information hard enough.
So I'm throwing this out there one last time:
CLONE CONSPIRACY is the CORE Spider-Man title.
It's not a mini-series. It IS the SPIDER-MAN EVENT this year.
When you think Clone Conspiracy think SPIDER-ISLAND, ENDS OF THE EARTH, and SPIDER-VERSE. It's THAT big. It will have ramifications that will affect a number of titles: mainly AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, PROWLER, and SILK (which all tie into Clone Conspiracy.)
Your regular Spider-Man readers will want to pick this up BECAUSE it's the core title.
When lapsed Spider-Man readers hear what's going on in via word of mouth and social media, THEY will want to pick this up... for *reasons*.
And, with Jim Cheung's pencils, John Dell's inks, and Justin Ponsor's coloring on this, it will be one of the best damn looking books on the rack-- and NEW readers will pick it up. And then get panels of it tattooed onto their bodies.
At its current numbers, I feel very confident that CLONE CONSPIRACY will sell out and go to additional printings. But that'd mean readers would be getting everything out of sequence-- and you know THEY don't want that, YOU don't want that, and I don't want that. So help a guy out, okay? ;-)
FINAL ORDER CUT OFF for CLONE CONSPIRACY #1 is THIS Monday, September 19th.
(If you're a reader and you're seeing this, please be sure to CALL your local comic shop today, Sunday the 18th, or tomorrow, Monday the 19th, and ask them to hold Clone Conspiracy #1 for you. If you want to get a copy when it comes out, calling them this Tuesday might be too late.)

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