Monday, May 11, 2015

TableTop Day vs. FCBD vs. FRPGD

Had a reader ask,after reading my post about FCBD and FRPGD, about the differences between those two and TableTop Day from a retailer's viewpoint so, here are five major differences between the three:

1.  Promos/giveaways. All three days feature event specific giveaways for customers. In the case of Free RPG Day and Free Comic Book Day, the event focuses on the giveaways. In order to participate, retailers must buy the promo items. There is no such requirement for TableTop Day, which focuses more on playing games, with the promotional items as an afterthought.  As one of the requirements for participating, retailers agree to give away at least one free item per customer, while quantities last, to anyone who asks. Retailers may limit the number given or attach requirements to receiving additional books but must agree to give out at least one.

2.  Registration.  Stores may register as an official TableTop Day venue free of charge. There is no fee to appear on the website. In order to appear as an official FCBD or FRPGD venue, stores must both register and purchase a specific quantity of promos.

3. Events. Most stores run events tied into FCBD or FRPGD but the main draw is the free items, with the events creating more excitement about the day. With TableTop Day, the events stores run are the focus and a number of stores this year opted to run events as a sanctioned venue without any of the official promos, which is perfectly fine.

4. Costs. Retailers receive none of the official promotional items for free. For TableTop Day and FRPGD, stores may buy kits containing a given number of promotional items. They may purchase multiple kits but get the same items in each kit. For FCBD, retailers much purchase a specific number of books from the Gold Sponsors, typically 25 of each. After meeting that minimum, stores may increase their purchase of Gold Sponsor books and purchase as many or as few books from the other sponsors as they choose. A minimal purchase for any of the three Days runs between $50 and $100 but stores can spend hundreds or even $1000s.

5. Quantities. As indicated in #4, stores can, after meeting the minimum, purchase any amount of  FCBD books. For TableTop Day and FRPGD, stores can only purchase kits, each containing a specific number of promotional items. The only way to increase the number of promotional items to give away is to purchase multiple kits, resulting in the store receiving. promotional items for products it does not carry

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