Monday, May 25, 2015

Yu Gi Oh Crossed Souls Pricing

Crossed Souls has proven one of the weaker releases for Yu Gi Oh in recent memory. We went pretty lightly on orders and still did not sell one single pack the day it came out. Players have shown little interest in single cards from the  set and we have easily sold more commons from other sets than we have from Crossed Souls. Collectors have not sought the rarer cards from the set, at least not to the point where prices have gone up significantly. In fact, checking a couple of card pricewebsites shows no Crossed Souls cards increasing significantly in value while several, including Clear Wing Syncro Dragon and Order of Zerfa, have dropped over 50% in value just in the past week.

However, the greatest, to my mind, indication of the weakness and lack of interest in Crossed Souls is the price of a booster display on the interwebs, which despite all of the problems associated with them, do a very good job of assessing the market value of a product. A display of Crossed Souls has a retail value of $96 (24 packs at $4 per pack). Usually, one can find booster displays at significant discounts to that as box flippers or stores that overbought seek to unload excess product. However, you don’t usually find full displays selling at a 44% discount to retail value less than a week after release. I easily found a number of sellers offering displays of Crossed Souls at prices ranging from $54 to $58 per display. That’s a huge price cut for less than a week after release.

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