Saturday, January 26, 2013

GateCrash Pre-release

So far the Gatecrash midnight pre-release has run pretty smoothly.  I wanted to only run four slots but players requested that we go 5 in oder to determine more clear winners, so we did.  Boros proved the most popular guild this session and Simic the least popular with twice as many Simic guildpacks remaining after everyone was seated as any other guild.

Instead of matching player against player, we assigned them to numbered tables to see if this would be easier then having them try to track down their opponent by name.  After some problems finding the tables during the first round, things ran well, with the major problem players that decided to drop out of the tournament without checking out at registration.  During round 4, we were actually waiting on a match to finish that both players had bailed on without notifying anyone.