Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Event Space

One of the things we have to consider in terms of gaming space is how much revenue, direct and indirect, does it generate for the store?  We can easily figure out how much retail selling space, where we display products, generates by looking at the product on display and determine how many times it sells over the course of the year.  Magic takes up a very small space but sells at an extremely high rate.  it easily generates enough revenue to keep a space on our shelf.  Something like The Morrow Project RPG, however, that barely turns once a year, has a hard time justifying any new releases getting space on the shelf.

Gaming space, however, is harder to quantify, since it doesn't have products directly assigned to it.  Ergo, we look at the revenue generated by first, tournaments, and second, events closely related to products.

For example, a Magic tournament will take precedence over almost anything else.  Not only does Magic sell a lot in the store, but we charge people to play in most tournaments, so the space generates revenue directly.

We have to figure something like Warhammer 40,000 or D&D Encounters differently. We don't generally charge directly for people to play in them so we have to calculate the value assigned to their space in terms of sales of the product.  Warhammer 40,000 accounts for a significant amount of store sales so we are quite willing to support it by allowing players to use most of the back gaming space twice a week with no charge, figuring that will encourage more sales of the product.  Sales of D&D 4th Edition are a fraction of 40K sales so we are not willing to give the event nearly as much space. 

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