Sunday, January 27, 2013

GateCrash Pre-releae Wrap Up

Well, we made good use of our customer space this weekend with the Magic the Gathering GateCrash Pre-release running both Saturday and Sunday.  It was our best attended pre-release ever, though not our best sales weekend ever.  We received 150 Guildpacks from WOTC and could probably have used a dozen more to take care of latecomers that we had to turn away.  This is the first time I can recall we have gone through all of the packs provided for pre-release tournament players in the years since we started running them.  Overall, we, and more importantly the players, were very happy with this set.   Suprisingly, we had the highest number of tournament drops of any pre-release that I can recall.  A number of players registered, then either left or played first round and dropped, usually without telling anyone,  Ergo we wouldn’t find out until partially through or at the end of the round, when their opponent would come tell us that no-one had showed.  I don’t recall this proving such a serious problem in prior pre-releases.  All in all, a very entertaining and profitable, made more so by the flexibility WOTC allows us in running the event, made slightly less so by the salad dressing I spilt on my pants halfway through the final tournament.

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