Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Merle Rasmussen

Had the opportunity to have Merle Rasmussen in the store the morning of August 6.  Who's Merle Rasmussen, you ask?  Rasmussen was a writer for TSR during the early 80s and the designer of one of the earliest espionage RPGs, Top Secret.  Rasmussen is also the writer behind the 1980s modules Savage Coast, Midnight on Dagger Alley, Ghost of Lion Castle, Quagmire and Lathan's Gold, all of which were solo adventures, a rarity for the time.

In recent years. Rasmussen has worked as a property management specialist for Casey's General Stores, while shifting his game design focus to card and board games.  In recent years, he has released Save Your Brain (brain injury/awareness card game), Keep Iowa Beautiful Travel Bingo, Caseyopoly and Iowa State Fairopoly, as well as the Sqwurm card game, which Rasmussen is holding.

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