Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Hottest Boardgames at GenCon

Courtesy of GTS

5. Smash-Up  (AEG)   
A fast, crazy, easy to learn game that can be played anywhere, at any time.  
4. Fleet (Gryphon Games)   
Here's the thing with this game: We played it, we loved it, but it's hard to find another game to compare it to. It's unlike anything we've played! It's part deck-builder, part engine-builder, part drafter. And the way the game's theme is pulled off is way cool!

3. Trajan (Hutter)   
Ryan Metzler from Dice Tower said it was his favorite game at the con. And then it proceeded to sell out in just under 36 hours.

2. Level 7 [escape] (Privateer Press)   
Another game that's unique to the point that it's hard to draw comparisons, we watched people line up all day to get this game. And there's a cool promotion where you can get your picture turned into a character card! Players spoke highly of the replay value and innovative mechanics.

1. Netrunner (Fantasy Flight Games)   
The line for this game wrapped around 8 different booths then extended down an entire wall of the convention center. It was the biggest line for a product at Gen Con that we had ever seen. And it triggered an online buzz around the country that was not rivaled by anything else at the show. Get this game.

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