Friday, August 3, 2012

European Game Stores Part 5

See part One for the setup:

Handicapped accessible means something different there.  One of the stores I visited had a "Handicapped Accessible" logo on the store door.  In the States, this means the store is laid out with wide enough aisles inside for a wheelchair to traverse and aramp or some other way for a chair to get to the door.  Not in France.

From what I was told, the "Handicapped Accessible" sign means there is a handicapped parking space in front of the store, which there was. However, the door was positioned a couple of inches about the sidewalk on a doorsill, meaning someone in a wheelchair would have to get over that bump while trying to get through the door, which did not automatically open.

Further, the layout of the store's aisles was such that, while a wheelchair could move through them, they were narrow enough that someone else could not be in the aisle as well.  I did not see any wheel chairs in the store wile there but I did see a woman maneuvering a baby carriage through and there was not enough room left on either side for her to get around anyone standing there.

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