Sunday, February 7, 2021

Magic Theme Boosters


Magic Theme Boosters End—Based on sales, I expect to see WOTC quietly shelve Theme Boosters. Unlike Draft, Collector and Set Boosters, we have seen very little interest in Theme boosters since the first set in which they were released. Here, interest was so low, we did not order any Theme boosters for the last two sets and never had a customer enquire about them. WOTC has tried to drive interest in them by including cards that are not available in other boosters but players appear willing to buy those cards individually instead of buying a booster with 34 other cards of  a color they do not want to play or are common enough that they are available in other sets. Here’s hoping they drop the Theme Booster and come out with a good beginner set instead. I lost track of how many Arena starters and Deckbuilder  Toolkits I could have sold over the holidays.

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