Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Anchor Points

 Why have a Power 9 card or an Evolutions Charizard in your store, ever if you know your target market is such that they will never purchase it? Two reasons:  1) there is always the chance that someone will buy it and 2) it serves as an Anchor Point. 

An anchor point is an item in your store that is  priced significantly higher than other items you stock in its category. The high priced item makes the other items look reasonably priced by comparison.  The price on a Revised Tundra makes a Valki, God of Lies look cheap by comparison and reduces the customer's resistance  to what they otherwise might consider a high priced card. At a GAMA Trade Expo out in Las Vegas a few years ago, the $100 and $125 prices on some of the steak dinners made the $40 chicken dinner I ordered seem a bargain by comparison.  When ordering wines, the wine list will usually contain a $200-$300 bottle which makes the $30 to $50 vintages seem a value, making customers much more open to ordering them.

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