Monday, February 1, 2021

Prediction for 2021


No Organized Play Until At Least Third Quarter—At least not from the major companies. There are a few companies that are currently offering some form of organized play but the major ones, WOTC, Konami,  and The Pokemon Company, have indicated they still plan to hold off authorizing in-store Organized Play for the foreseeable future. None of them want to deal with the negative publicity that would accompany an outbreak of COVID-19 at any sanctioned event, whether in-store or at a professional level event.  Once a vaccine gets widely distributed, the likelihood of the virus spreading at large events drops drastically.  Best guess  from what I have read is that we will see most of North America, Asia and Europe vaccinated and the virus under control by early summer so, although we may see in-store play start up by then, due to the logistics of running a large event,  the companies may plan them but I would not expect to see any launch before September and maybe not until 2022.

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