Friday, January 17, 2020

Yu Gi Oh Secret Slayers Booster Expansion

The all foil Secret Slayers booster releases April 3rd.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Secret Slayers Booster
Release Date: 04/03/2020
Order Due Date: 01/23/2020

·         Solve the secret to slaying your opponent this Spring with Secret Slayers! This all-foil booster set introduces three new themes for you to customize and build.
·         Uncover hidden treasures with the power of a Rock theme! Build upon the unshakable Gallant Granite from Chaos Impact and sculpt your strategy to defeat your opponent.
·         Cultivate natural beauty with the force of a Plant theme! Your garden is in full bloom with the explosive Lonefire Blossom from Mystic Fighters to launch your game plan into action.
·         Master necromancy with the trickery of a Zombie theme! The wicked Jack-o-Bolan from Ignition Assault heralds the arrival of a new wave of Zombies to reinforce their endless army.
·         Duelists can also bolster these strategies with cards from Duel Devastator, Duel Overload, and more!
·         Secret Slayers is an all-foil booster set that contains 60 cards:
·         40 Super Rares
·         20 Secret Rares

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