Thursday, January 2, 2020

Wizards Premium

One of the things I see happening over the next few years is more stores moving or seeking WOTC Premium store status. Essentially, WOTC has a checklist of things a store to meet to qualify. In exchange the store gets access to higher level events, premium product like more collector boosters and higher quality marketing materials as well.

A major focus, and showing WOTC's direction, is the number of events and players a store has, both active and engaged. An active player is one that shows up to stores and plays in Magic events, (unfortunately, D&D play has no effect), an engaged player is one that registers on the Wizards website. You can play in events without registering but WOTC looks for both. WOTC also, for standing purposes, currently values players in Standard and Draft events more highly than players in other types of events, although Commander may be entering that area as well.  Why Standard and Draft? Players in those events are buying the most recent Magic product, which helps push WOTC sales higher. A Modern or even Pioneer player, since early packs are out of production, typically buys single cards, which do not help the Wizards bottom line.

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