Saturday, January 4, 2020

New Product LInes

We are discussing adding new product lines to the store. A couple which are under consideration are used books and juggling/dexterity oriented products. Here are some of the pros and cons of each:stock of

Used books--Pro:  there are no used book stores in Carbondale anymore, save for the two thrift stores. There is a demand for a used book store, as evidenced by the fact that Bookworm stayed profitable for about 15 years. We already deal in used books such as comics and graphic novels.

Con:  Would need more space for a decent used book selection. Our stock of used graphic novels and back issue comics turns very slowly if at all. Easy to suffer inventory creep.

Juggling products:  Pro:  no place locally to find them. Take up very little space on the floor to add.
Con:  little to no demand locally. Have not had anyone ask for the products.

Those are some of the factors we need to consider when bringing in a new product line. Will either of these come into the store. We will discuss them at the next store meeting.

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