Monday, October 7, 2019

Summer Magic

Have you ever heard of the Summer Magic se? Most people have not and I had forgotten about it until talking Magic with an old Magic player/dealer this weekend. You can read more about it here but essentially, WOTC ran out of Revised boosters in early summer 1994 with 4th edition coming out  much later that year In addition there were a number of errors in Revised that needed fixing, such as borders, apostrophes, coloring, etc.

WOTC therefor ran a rush production run of cards that were supposed to fix those errors. However, since Carti Mundi was tied up printing Jyhad and Fallen Empires, there was no room for a reprinting of Revised or pushing up 4th edition, so, for the only time as far as I know, WOTC went with another printer for a run of cards. However, this run came with its own set of errors and was printed on different quality card stock, leading many people to believe they are fakes.. Due to these quality problems, the cards never received wide release with regions in Ireland and other points in Europe as well as the US Midwest receiving most of what did release.

Due to their scarcity, only about 10 complete sets are known to exist, with prices for basic lands in the sets running about $100. The most common way to identify a card from the set, which WOTC denied esited for about 2 years after it was printed, is in the line identifying the card's artist as the printing year, 1994, appears on the line as well.  You can read more about the set and see some of the cards here.

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