Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Pioneer Format

In case you missed it, WOTC announced a new Magic Tournament format a week or so ago:  Pioneer. Pioneer is a non-rotating format that used cards from more recent sets, dating back to Return to Ravnica. Pioneer was created, according to what I understand, because the same problem has developed with Modern that afflicts Legacy format: price of playing.  The selling point of Modern was that players who had entered Magic late could play with decks made from cards readily available, compared to the ones oft used in Legacy that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

However, as magic has aged, cards that are now staples in Modern format have become more expensive and players need to put together a deck costing several hundred dollars to be competitive. Pioneer, as I see it, is an attempt by WOTC to ecourage play with more accessible cards and lower priced decks.

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