Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Pandasaurus Games The Mind

The Mind is an interesting little card game that we have had a hard time keeping in stock. In fact, suppliers have had a hard time keeping it in stock since it is such an ingenious idea. It plays in less than 15 minutes but is addictive enough to play over and over again.

Essentially, you start with a hand of cards equal to the number of players in the game, so with 2 players you would start with two cards. Without saying anything, each player plays what they think is the lowest card in anyone's hand. As long as the card played is the lowest, you keep playing. If someone has a lower card, you discard the cards in your hand and lose one life. Complete a level and you get bonus lives. Lose all your lives and you lose the game. Like I said, addictive, which is why we keep selling out.

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