Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Banned Cards

Yesterday, WOTC announced the banning of 1 rare, 2 uncommon and 1 common cards from Standard format tournament play. The rationale for the banning is that the 2 decks running combinations of these 4 cards dominated the Standard environment, getting played in about 40% of games tracked by WOTC at the Pro level of play. Rampaging Ferocidon has already dropped in price from an average of $4 to as low as 75 cents from one online retailer

WOTC gave the following three reasons for the banning:

  1. The length of time for which these decks have been dominant—as long as five months or more depending on how one categorizes different energy variants.
  2. The Standard rotation did not meaningfully weaken these decks or result in new decks that are competitive with them.
  3. Despite the metagame having many months to adapt to these decks, counterplay options have proven insufficient.

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