Monday, December 7, 2015

Top 5 Games for Christmas

Based on our sales for 2015, these are 5 most popular games, in terms of numbers sold, for 2015. The list includes both board and card game, but no collectible ones:

1.  Cards Against Humanity--Cards Against Humanity LLC  "A Party Game for Horrible People"
2. Catan (and expansions)--Mayfair Games  The game of exploring and developing the land of Catan.
3.  Munchkin (and expansions)--Steve Jackson Games  "Kick down the door, kill the monster, steal its treasure."
4..Ticket to Ride--Days of Wonder  Collect the cards to build the tracks you need to win.
5.  The Resistance--Indie Boards and Cards  Uncover the spies among you before they sabotage your mission.

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