Monday, August 3, 2015

A Quick Look at GenCon

Gencon, in case you missed it, took place this past weekend. I did not go. Missed the sign up date for the Trade Day and had other things to work on but did hear a few interesting tidbits from the show. 

Upper Deck’s Vs. card game attracted quite a bit of attention. The game has shifted format from a collectable version to a customizable one, apeing Fantasy Flight Games LCG system, though of course they cannot call it that. The Cypher System rules from Monte Cook Games also had a successful launch as did Titansgrave and the Fantasy Age rules from Green Ronin, no doubt building on the success of Wil Wheaton’s Titansgrave web series.

 Looney Labs, meanwhile, sold through 200 hundred copies of Batman Fluxx, nearly all they brought, on day one of the show. Not too shabby.

Word of the day on the Exhibit Hall floor, though, was “Kickstarter” as many smaller companies were either selling games they had just produced through Kickstarter or talking about upcoming releases they planned to fund through Kickstarter. Amazon tied into Gencon with a Daily Deal offering a number of board and card games, including offerings from Steve Jackson Games, Iello, Asmodee, Cool Mini or Not and Days of Wonder, among others at discounts ranging from 35% to just over 50% off.

More comments likely on the show later in  week.

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