Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Batman Fluxx Coming

Next Week from Looney Labs:

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We're very excited to announce that Batman™ Fluxx will be in stores August 7! With art in the style of The New Batman Adventures, Batman™ Fluxx introduces the Caped Crusader (and his Rogue's Gallery of villains) to the ever-changing card game of Fluxx. To celebrate Batman's adventures in the Fluxx universe, you'll be able to get a limited edition Batman™ Fluxx coin and Two-Face Flip card in the August issue of Game Trade Magazine, which will be available for FREE at GenCon (while supplies last)!
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30 TH
We're back at GenCon this year, and can’t wait to play our newest games with everyone! Come see us in Booth 1401 and pick up pre-release copies of Adventure Time Fluxx and Batman™ Fluxx!

8 TH
It's Looney Labs Day at Foam Brain Games! If you're in the Troy, New York area be sure to come meet Andy and play some games with him!

27 TH
Are you going to PAX Prime and interested in game design? Be sure to hit Andy's panel at PAX Dev, How To Design a Game with Andy Looney!
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We can never get enough of Just Desserts, the super fun game of serving sweets! Delicious-looking illustrations and easy gameplay will keep you and your guests coming back for more! Perfect excuse for a dessert party gaming night!
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Q: When can we get our hot little hands on the awesome new batman fluxx, adventure time fluxx, and fluxx dice??
A: Official release dates are Batman Fluxx on August 7, Adventure Time Fluxx on August 21, and Fluxx Dice on September 4, but you're in luck, because they are all available for pre-order RIGHT NOW! Head to our webstore, fill up your cart, and you'll get these exciting new releases as soon as they're available! But remember, if you order them all in one order, the shipment will be held until the latest applicable release date!

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Moon Rabbit Toys is a super cool toy store in Santa Fe, New Mexico that also carries awesome games like Fluxx and Looney Pyramids! It's the perfect place to pick up a fun gift, so be sure to check it out if you're in Santa Fe! 

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