Thursday, April 9, 2015

TableTop Day: The Poster

International TableTop Day is this Saturday and we have events scheduled for all day. But I don't wanna talk about that. Instead, I want to talk about the poster that Geek & Sundry created for the event and that just arrived in our kit (that arrived today). You can see the poster I am referring to here.

Back from looking at it? You probably didn't see anything wrong with it but then most of the people reading this probably don't run stores. The problem is at the bottom where it tells people to look for an "event near you" and gives the TableTop Day url. The problem:  if you got the poster, that means you got the kit, which means you plan to run TableTop Day events. So why do I want to put up a poster telling people to go to the website to look for an event when we are hosting events in the very place where you saw the poster.

You see, retailers, once we have you in the store, want you there as long as possible. Many stores don't have clocks so you cannot tell how long you have been there and we certainly don't want a sign up telling you to elsewhere for an event that we will host at the store.

Oh, well, a paper cutter fixed the problem really quick.

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