Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vs. Re-releasing

Upper Deck has announced a relaunch of its defunct Vs. trading card game only this time as a constructed card game, ala Fantasy Flight Games Living line of card games. The idea is that players buy the base set and expansion packs, using the cards that they want to construct their play decks. Unlike a trading card game, every player has access to the same cards in the total card pool, so ownership of a rare powerful card will not prove the advantage it does in trading card games such as Magic and Yu Gi Oh!

Vs. launched in a big way in 2004 with thousands of players, many of which were drawn by the big money championships Upper Deck funded, paying out, in some cases $10,000 to the winner. UD has decided that this proved such a successful tactic that it already has announced $10,000 championships for both Vs. and the Legendary customizable card game, ignoring the fact that the money was not able to sustain a strong player base and Upper Deck discontinued the game in 2009. Maybe they will take what they learned from the previous collapse of the game and apply it to this version, but somehow, given that they plan to push big money championships as a draw for players.

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