Saturday, March 1, 2014

No Virginia, There Is No Adventure Time Promo Card

Given the problems about missing promos for Cryptozoic’s DC heroes Deck Building Game I mentioned in last week’s column, I was rather amused to see how quickly miscommunication can spread and require a brisk tamping down.

Several retailers had been discussing the new Heroes Reborn expansion for the DC Deck Building Game (one would think they could have come up with a more wieldy name for it than that) and questioning when to expect receipt of the promised Starfire promo card.  One participant mistakenly typed “Adventure Time” instead of “DC Deckbuilding” and the gates opened.

“What Adventure Time promo card?”
“What’s on the card?”
“How do we get one?”

“I never saw anything about this. When do they ship?” and so forth.  It took a couple of hours before it was made clear to everyone that there was not, had not and, as of right now anyhow, would not be an Adventure Time promo card.  It was actually pretty interesting to see how quickly the miscommunication spread from a simple error in typing.

Just to make it clear there is no Adventure Time promo card currently available.

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