Monday, March 17, 2014

Questions for Companies at the GAMA Trade Show

Gale Force 9-Has your company completely dropped the miniatures accessories that it started out with.  Yes, you have a couple of great boardgames.  Both Spartacus and Firefly have done gangbusters, but you started off with stuff like flock, sculpting tools, files and other accessories. Restocks of these have been non-existent. Are you planning to continue with these lines or are boardgames your future?
WOTC-So far, you have done a really good job building interest in D&D 5th/Next, but I haven’t heard a whisper about any organized play program. You’ve seen how Pazio has leveraged Pathfinder Society to drive sales of the Pathfinder line. Will you have something ready to go when the new Player’s Handbook releases at GenCon?
Also, it would be really nice if you would modify your store locator so it sends out an annual reminder to check the locator and update store information. If a store doesn’t click on the link within a reasonable amount of time, delete the store from the locator and get rid of the zombie stores in your system.  If Steve Jackson Games can do it, you certainly  should be able to do so.
Konami-Could you modify your tournament software so that we can create and sanction tournaments the day of the event? It would sure be nice to be able to sanction a tournament on the spur of the moments and give the players their Dualist points. By the way, did you ever decide what you were going to do with those Dualist Points, because if you have, I certainly haven’t heard about it.
Geek & Sundry/TableTop Did you ever come up with any sort of make-good for the stores that were supposed to appear in the live streaming during last year’s International TableTop Day? Yes, they got a line listing at the end of the event but that’s not the same as their five minutes of “fame”. Also, I saw mention of a “premium package” for this year’s event but since ITTD is only two weeks away, I assume that’s not gonna happen?
Games Workshop-I gotta admit, the weekly version of White Dwarf has done much better than I thought. However, could you PLEASE start putting paper invoices/packing lists with the shipments again? It would make my life so much easier.
WizKids-Are we done with the announcements of delays in shipping just days before the release of the product? And could you please cut back on the number of releases? I swear, I thought Konami overdid it with their release schedule for Yu Gi Oh but you are coming out with a new set every month. Slow it down before your customer base suffers burnout. And could you go over the War of the Light OP program again? I’m still not clear on how it will work.

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