Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dave Trampier's Artwork

If you would like to see some of the store's collection of Trampier's artwork, we have posted photos of the color pieces we own, including the 1st edition DM Screen, on the Castle Perilous Games & Books website . We still have a few black and white pieces to get up and should have those posted by early next week.

I plan to work to find the executor of Trampier's estate and see what we can do regarding getting the Wormy collection published as he wanted.


  1. It is my sincere hope that if you attempt to get the Wormy comics published by contacting Tramp's heirs, that you will keep in mind that he sold you some of his cherished work, apparently out of great financial need. How do you think that leaves his widow? My only hope is that you have enough heart to understand that getting them to sign on with some game company like Troll Lord or something is only going to line the gaming industry's pockets at Tramp's loved-one's expense: they will only get a minute sum. No, the way to go for them is either Lulu or CreateSpace, both of which offer a massive royalty with no over-head for them. I have contacted one of his relatives and when they feel able to talk, I will advise them of this much-better opportunity. To me, I want Tramp's work published, but not by an industry whose motives he clearly distrusted. POD is a no-brainer and only requires a small amount of graphic design experience. This is what I'll advise them.

  2. Cool. If they want to go that route, that is fine by me. I will certainly let them use the pieces Dave sold me.