Saturday, May 4, 2013

What in the Sam Hill WizKids?

In case you missed it, WOCT had a big release of their new set, Dargon's Maze, this week, Friday to be specific.  This meant we had a pre-release last weekend.  Both are capital and labor intensive, meaning, especially if a store used COD, it had quite a bit of capital tied up in both events and likely had a lot of personnel involved with them too.

So what does NECA/WizKids do? Release not one, but two new sets, one just before the Dragon's Maze pre-release and one just before the Dragon's Maze release.  A store only has so many resources to develop to promoting a new product and an event, so when multiple events occur so closely together, something has to give and in this case it was the new WizKids release.

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