Thursday, May 9, 2013

Marvel Super Heroes RPG

You may have heard the announcement that Margaret Weis Productions lost/gave up the license for the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game.  It appears that sales of books in the line did not justify continuation of the licensing agreement.  According to MWP, sales of Civil War, the final supplement in the line, were decent but not large enough to justify renewing the license.  Fortunately for Disney and Marvel, movies based upon Marvel characters have proven extremely successful, thus allowing the companies to  ask for ever increasing licensing fees from companies.  Unfortunately, most RPG companies, due to the fact that RPGs are not particularly lucrative, do not have large enough amounts of capital available to purchase/renew such a license, especially when sales have not justified it.

Firefly may prove a better license as it costs much less but still has a core group of devoted fans.. MWP has announced a Firefly RPG for laster this year, based on the series, unlike their Serenity RPG of a few years ago, based on the movie.

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