Friday, December 14, 2012

Shoplifter Demographics

Since we turned over info about a couple of shoplifters to the police and got word today they had been identified and picked up, I took a look at the demographics of the identified shoplifters we have dealt with over the years.

Looking at four identifiable characteristics:  age, sex, and race, they are all male and young, college and high-school aged.  No elementary school kids as far as we know.  The differentiation comes in terms of race.  We have had roughly an equal number of black and white shoplifters, however, what they steal differs markedly.

Black shoplifters tend to steal more generally.  We have lost Yu Gi Oh cards, movies, video games, RPG books and snacks to them.  White shoplifters are more focused.  Almost exclusively, they focus on CCGs, especially Yu Gi Oh and Naruto, back when it was more popular here.  Magic gets stolen some too, but not as obviously, or as often, as the Naruto and Yu Gi Oh.

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