Monday, November 5, 2012

Ticket to Ride Halloween Freighter

The Ticket to Ride Halloween Freighter Train and Station Set from Days of Wonder, and to a lesser extent Asmodee Games’ City of Horror, is a perfect example of the importance of paying attention to the seasonal product life cycle (PLC).  According to the Alliance website, the Halloween Freighter set released on October 25th.  My sales representative went over it with us during our weekly sales call on October 30.  We are a two day ship, meaning that, if we had put the order in with him, it would have arrived on November 1, or one day after Halloween, meaning we would miss the entire window of opportunity for selling Halloween themed merchandise  (I guess I could take a charitable look at it and view this  as a 364 day window of opportunity  to promote Halloween merchandise but too many other holidays in the way).

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