Sunday, November 11, 2012

Games Workshop Invoicing Problems

The change in the invoicing process for Games Workshop has gotten mildly annoying over time.  Last spring, Games Workshop announced a change to its invoicing procedures.  All invoices, henceforth, would go out solely by email, instead of having a paper copy placed with the order.  While this cut down on paperwork at GW’s end, it did not save any paper since we still have to print out a copy to check in merchandise.  It also lengthens the channel of communication since the email goes to the store address which then had to be forwarded to the store manager who does the checking in.  This makes it much easier for an invoice to get skipped, especially with White Dwarf magazine, since White Dwarf ships by itself, so checking it in is not as important as a multi-item order.

Due to the addition of the extra steps, we have missed about six invoices since the new process started, mainly shipments of White Dwarf magazine.  The products came in, Games Workshop just didn’t get paid until much later than they wanted. 

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