Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Nazi Occult

Not a new Indiana Jones movie, this is the second entry in Osprey's Dark Osprey line.

A follow up to Zombies:  A Hunter’s Guide.  June of 2013 will see the release of The Nazi Occult, written by Kenneth Hite and illustrated by  Darren Tan.    As the Indiana Jones movies indicate, there is a lot of interest out there still in WWII and Hitler’s reputed fascination with the occult (among other stories, Hitler reportedly ordered the water in the canteens of  his most elite troops come from the werewolf haunted Black Forest, in order to increase their savagery, and Himmler’s Ahnenerbe SS spent untold amounts of time and money in search of the Ark, Spear, Holy Grail or what have you).   There is enough weirdness in the records of the Third Reich that a good book could be written about it (and has, though not recently. Check J. H. Brennan’s The Occult Reich, published in 1974).  Hite, not satisfied with that, at least account to the promotional blub, fictionalizes the story, incorporating Nazi pacts with diabolic entities and the deployment of the first flying saucers, known to American pilots during the war as Foo Fighters (and you thought they were just a band).  Though I would have found a historical retelling of the Nazi interest in the occult, I am looking forward to see what Hite incorporates into the story.

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