Friday, November 16, 2012

Kill the Overlord

Of note this week was the release of a Kickstarter funded game (aren’t all of them anymore?) from APE Games titled Kill the Overlord. Suitable for up to 8 players, $19.95 price point and a 30-45 minute playing time caught our attention.  Object is to send all of your opponents to the headsman’s block while keeping your own head, or be the first player to accumulate 30 gold.  Sadly, the fact this is a Kickstarter means that those really interested in it already have it and we will likely see little promotion from APE Games to inform others about it, so if we didn’t have Christmas ahead of us, I’d be much more leery about selling this. As it is, I imagine selling 1-4 copies for Christmas to people looking for games their friends don’t already have and this one looks like a good party game, similar to WOTC’s Great Dalmuti.

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