Friday, June 1, 2012


Had an opportunity to speak with Boyan Radakovich, the associate producer for the Tabletop web series this morning.  There will be a total of 22 episodes in the first season, a new one releasing every other Friday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, running now through early next year, with the opportunity of a second season if the series proves popular enough.

Tabletop originated from a desire by Google, which owns YouTube, for more highly produced content, to compete better with such sites as Hulu and Netflix. One of the people contacted by Google was Felicia Day, creator of the webseries The Guild.  Google asked her to develop a YouTum channel based on material that viewers of her series would find interesting.  She contacted Wil Wheaton, who agreed, with Radakovich, to develop the Tabletop segment of what became Geek and Sundry.

Each episode only lasts about 25 minutes but that is edited down from 6 hours of filmed material of each session, not counting post production.  Given that 2 shows a day were shot over a 10 day period, that meant Wheaton spent about 12 hours a day filming the first series.

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