Thursday, June 28, 2012

Retailer Views of Free RPG Day

Talking with some other retailers, the general feeling was of a good sales day, some retailers calling it their best sales day so far this year while also remarking on a lack of excitement among customers about the offerings, especially with those that were put up as PDFs immediately after the event, though I see someone offering the D&D module, , "Dead in the Eye"  on eBay for about $18. Other retailers looked at it as a way to say “Thank You” to their customers and didn’t report any greater sales than a normal Saturday.

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  1. It was our first time participating, and we will probabaly do it again next year.

    We had roughly 30 people spread out over four-different games and five game sessions (one game ran twice). Overall folks enjoyed themselves at the event, but the overall thoughts on the freebies being offered was apathetic at best.