Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upcoming RPGs

For you RPG fans, here's a list of new RPGs and supplements scheduled to release in the next couple of months:

AEG 3305 L5R RPG Emerald Empire 4th Edition

CHA 2023 BRP The Chronicles of Future Earth
CHA 23112 COC Blackmoore Global Laboratories
CHA 23120 COC Keeper's Screen
CHA 6043 COC Voodoo Virus
CHA 6045 COC Rlyeh Rising The End Draws Near

DIA 429750 Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game Box Set

EDN 8016 AFMBE Band of Zombies

FFG DH12 Dark Heresy Blood of Martyrs
FFG RT06 Rogue Trader Frozen Reaches
FFG WHF09 WHF Creatures Guide
FFG WHF10 WHF Creatures Vault
FFG WHF11 WHF Player's Guide
FFG WHF12 WHF Player's Vault
FFG WHF13 WHF Game Master's Guide
FFG WHF14 WHF Game Master's Vault

GRR 5002 DC Adventures Heroes & Villains V1

HER 1007 Hero 6E Equipment Guide
HER 1103 Champions Villains V1 Master Villain
HER 1104 Champions Villains V2 Villain Teams
HER 1105 Champions Villains V3 Solo Villains
HER 511 FH Celtic Bestiary

MWP 1025 Leverage Role Playing Game (HC)
MWP 1026 Leverage Quickstart Guide
MWP 1027 Leverage Grifters and Masterminds
MWP 1028 Leverage Hitters, Hackers & Thieves
MWP 1031 Smallville High School Yearbook
MWP 1032 Smallville The Watchtower Reports

PAL 0552 Robotech RPG Masters Saga Sourcebook
PAL 0553 Robotech RPG Expeditionary Force Mar
PAL 0554 Robotech RPG New Generation
PAL 0883 RIFTS: Thundercloud Galaxy
PAL 0884 RIFTS: Vampire Sourcebook
PAL 0885 RIFTS: World Book Lemuria

PZO 1116 PF RPG Bestiary 2 HC
PZO 9226 PF Camp Set World Guide/Inner Sea HC

WWP 70004 Changeling Fear-Makers Promise
WWP 76003 Scion Gods of Persia
WWP 80011 Exalted Thousand Correct Actions

PSI CB1103 Doctor Who: Time Travellers Companio
PSI CB1104 Doctor Who: Defending the Earth
PSI CT26403 SR New Dawn Dawn o/t Artifacts
PSI CT26800 SR Spells & Chrome Anthology
PSI CT3500A BT 25th Anniversary Intro Box Set
PSI CT35141 BT HexPack Cities & Roads
PSI CT35161 BT Record Sheets 3050
PSI CT35162 BT Record Sheets 3050 Upgrade
PSI CT35164 BT Record Sheets 3058 Update
PSI CT35168 BT Record Sheets 3085
PSI PS21202 Eclipse Phase Gatecrashers
PSI WDF23301 CthulhuTech Burning Horizon HC
PSI WDF23400 CthulhuTech Misadventures

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