Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Limited Edition Battletech Book

If you want one of these, let the store know ASAP. As you can see from below, only 700 are being made:

Expected in December


CBT: A Time of War LE

$74.99 SRP

A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game™ is the one-source reference for rules governing the role-playing aspect of the BattleTech universe. It includes a new system, designed from the ground-up for both maximum flexibility and compatibility with the Total Warfare series and its companion volumes, Tactical Operations and Strategic Operations.

Selling Points:

• Special Edition cover

• Unique page indicating book number (only 700 LEs available)

• An all-new, original short story by Michael Stackpole (the beginning of the original Red Corsair as Katrina Steiner, Morgan Kell and Arthur Luvon fee to the Periphery to safeguard Katrina’s life and begin plotting to put her on the throne of the Lyran Commonwealth)

• Each LE will include the following signatures (not digital reproductions, but actual signatures): Jordan Weisman, Michael Stackpole, Loren Coleman, Randall Bills, Herb Beas

• A double-sided poster map: one side displays the spine image found on the BattleTech Core Rulebook spines, the other a cascade of faction logos and personalities from the universe

• Cloth bookmark

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