Monday, December 13, 2010

New Mongoose Releases

Expected in January


Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Gamemaster’s Guide

$ 34.99 SRP


Cities of the Young Kingdoms 1: The South

$ 24.99 SRP

For centuries, the lands of the west have been enthralled by tales about the mystical province of Cathay. Far to the East, this mysterious place has always been a symbol of intrigue and wonder. Now, the door to the East is open. From the lightning-born storm children, to the renowned Xan monks, Cathay’s secrets can finally be explored by those brave enough to venture into this troubled, war-torn realm.

The Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Gamemaster’s Guide is a sourcebook for Earthdawn Third Edition, containing everything a gamemaster needs for running adventures in the Five Kingdoms of Cathay— extensive setting material, guidelines for creating adventures and campaigns, information on creatures, dragons, Horrors, spirits, magical treasures, and much more! Requires use of the Earthdawn Player’s and Gamemaster’s Guides.

Alorasaz: frozen city of fur trappers, loggers and miners, deep in Lormyr's wintery southlands. A peaceful place on the surface, but beneath lurk tensions and fears as two competing families struggle to control Alorasaz's wealth. And what of Castle Kaneloon, standing on the very edge of the world? Does the Lady Myshella not exert an influence over sleepy Alorasaz?

Raschil: the bustling, civilised port city of Filkhar, a cosmopolitan place where many nations rub shoulders in the countless taverns and inns. But a city with its own secrets too: why, for instance, has the Queen not been seen for months when, once, she was society's doyenne?

Ryfel: built from black granite and mud-brick on Pikarayd's wild and treacherous northern coast: a city of pirates and reavers, and a meeting place for the barbaric clans of the interior. Ryfel attracts the proponents of Chaos and Disorder; sorcerers, murderers and dark cultists; thieves, fugitives and feuding clansmen. Pan Tang holds court here; but are the Pikaraydian chieftains as enthralled as Pan Tang believes them to be?

Volume One of 'Cities of the Young Kingdoms' explores three, very different cities of the Young Kingdoms' southern continent. Each city is described in detail with maps, locations, personalities, game statistics and dozens of adventure hooks. The cities can be used as standalone backdrops for Elric of Melnibone games, bases for adventurers, or as part of the mini-campaign that threads between them and joins them together.

Welcome to the southern lands...


Paranoia: Flashbacks Redux

$ 39.99 SRP


LBB9: Library Data

$ 24.99 SRP

The most popular XP-edition is back, in its 25th Anniversary guise! Filled with hand-picked classic adventures from all previous editions of Paranoia, Flashbacks Redux is gaming hilarity at its greatest. Re-live the most terrifying moments of Me and My Shadow Mark IV, or revel in the confusion of Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues.

These and many other classics are found in Flashbacks Redux, all suitable trimmed, tweaked and tailored for the latest edition of Paranoia: Troubleshooters.

Knowledge is a Traveller’s best friend and this book is packed with life-saving articles and library data entries. Designed for easy reference of the Third Imperium, Library Data contains detailed articles from A to Z on Imperial politics, ships, worlds, hazards, alien races and wars.

For use by both referees and players.


Supplement 1: 760 Patrons Second Edition

$ 49.99 SRP


LW: Magnamund Bestiary

$19.99 SRP

Completely rewritten, the second edition of 760 Patrons brings back adventures hooks, plot lines and ideas in the classic format of providing an encounter for the players, along with up to six options for the referee as to how the adventure will progress.

Got nothing prepared for the next gaming session of Traveller? Your players wandered off into deep space again, far from your planned adventure?

Worry not, for 760 Patrons is here to rescue you!

The original 76 Patrons became a lifeline for many Games Masters during Traveller campaigns, as it provided a ready source of adventure material that could be quickly generated when players started looking for work beyond their normal trading and exploration. The all new 760 Patrons Second Edition is literally ten times bigger and better, potentially allowing you to run a complete campaign with nothing but this and the main rulebook!

The terrifying creatures that lurk in the darkest corners of Magnamund come to life in this, the latest supplement for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook. From the mundane Baknar and Elix, to fan favourites such as the Gourgaz and Kraan, the Magnamund Bestiary provides games masters with a wealth of foes and enemies to challenge their players with. A special section is included featuring more human opponents, allowing games masters to quickly field the likes of thieves, rogues, mercenaries and Drakkarim at a moment’s notice.



$ 24.99 SRP

Wraith Recon is a fantasy setting where players take the role of a Wraith Recon team member – the elite and magically augmented Special Forces in the Kingdom of Dardarrick, the most powerful kingdom known to the world.

Now Spellcom opens up the doors on the deepest secrets and tactics of the Wraith Recon teams. Discover new methods of ingressing to target, new uses of the Omnilens, and how the very best teams survive when faced with overwhelming odds. Spellcom is nothing less than an essential survival guide for all Wraith Recon teams.

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